Qual é o seu nível na competência “Aprender continuamente”?

“Continually looks to improve their skills, knowledge and the way they work
Level IV
Uses Peer and OGC Gateway Reviews
Keeps up to date with developments that affect DFID and anticipate what may affect it in future
Creates an environment which allows people to improve the way they work
Creates an environment where staff, customers, suppliers, and partners work to improve the way things are done

Level III
Describes what the future looks like in terms of service improvements and modernisation
Motivates others to improve and develop their performance
Sets smart targets for teams and team members and evaluates them
Constructively challenges existing strategies

Level II
Coaches and develops individuals
Manages own development and performance
Learns lessons from successes and failures
Freely shares knowledge and findings with others
Uses and tests new strategic tools and frameworks

Level I
Open to learning new things
Responds positively to feedback from others
Identifies mistakes and takes constructive action to ensure lessons are learned
Makes business and efficiency improvements through use of appropriates systems and tools

Level 0
Sets unrealistic training and development targets
Spends little time on their own development, claiming to be too busy
Withdraws from discussions that require them to challenge their point of view”
In “DFID Core Competency Framework


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