A história da avaliação da formação

A review of literature on evaluation of training was conducted to identify methods of effectiveness evaluation for training programs. Five definitions of evaluation were identified in the literature.

· Phillips (1991) defined evaluation as a systematic process to determine the worth, value, or meaning of something.

· Holli and Calabrese (1998) defined evaluation as comparisons of an observed value or quality to a standard or criteria of comparison. Evaluation is the process of forming value judgments about the quality of programs, products, and goals.

· Boulmetis and Dutwin (2000) defined evaluation as the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data in order to determine whether and to what degree objectives were or are being achieved.

· Schalock (2001) defined effectiveness evaluation as the determination of the extent to which a program has met its stated performance goals and objectives.

· Stufflebeam (2001) defined evaluation as a study designed and conducted to assist some audience to assess an object’s merit and worth.

In “Training Evaluation: A Review of Literature”, Mary Kay Meyer e Vicky Elliott



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