A formação dos profissionais dos CNO

Training of advisors and assessors

Objectives – Advisor
– defining the role and functions;
– starting the process by fostering the selection of candidates;
– guiding the candidate during the first two blocks (from the analysis of the application/advising/project/, related to the profile of the typical job, the setting up of a training plan up to the programme of final assessment), assist the candidate in understanding the reference systems and standards , in showing how to organize the skills portfolio and apply for APL;
– assist the candidate in identifying either the training needs or other solutions to make up his/her skills profile and in defining the action plan;
– explaining the assessment process to the candidate;
– setting up a system for monitoring the candidate (application management tool) and registering it.

Objectives – Assessor
– defining the role and functions;
– listing the « proof » the application is based on;
– defining the key-factors best underlining the evidence;
– complying with administrative requirements of procedure.

In “Development of a joint model for the accreditation and/or certification of prior learning” (página 13)


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