Como utilizar o Facebook na formação de professores

Levels of Course Integration

The following list provides an overview of the different ways that Facebook can be integrated into a course. The Profile page is the simplest option to implement, whereas the integration of Facebook applications (in conjunction with the other methods illustrated) is the most comprehensive.

1) Profile Page: An instructor can chose to create a profile page for him/herself. The profile page can be used to communicate with students via Facebook email, IM, or posting on the wall. In addition, relevant videos, images and websites can also be included. Students could also be exposed to relevant and educational Facebook groups.

2) Creating a Group Page for a Class: A separate page can be created specifically for a course. Students can virtually find other classmates through this page, learn about their classmates, communicate with their classmates and professor, and post/discuss relevant class information. Professors can send an announcement to the entire group, set up and remind students about events.

3) Replacing/Duplicating webcourse functions on Facebook: Discussions that traditionally have taken place on webcourse boards can also occur on Facebook discussion boards. Instant messaging functions are also available online. Instructors can post information and websites on their profile and group page for students to download and use for class.

4) Integration of Facebook Applications: There are a number of useful applications that will expand the functionality of Facebook for class. However, using these applications requires that students download them as well.

Opening Facebook: How to Use Facebook in the College Classroom


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