O que devem fazer os professores para conquistar os alunos?

From a cognitive perspective, an important consideration for educators is whether or not a student consistently experiences the pleasurable rush of solving a problem. What can teachers do to ensure that each student gets that pleasure?  I describe several practical applications in my book, but for now, I’ll focus on just one:  view schoolwork as a series of answers.

Sometimes I think that we, as teachers, are so eager to get to the answers that we do not devote sufficient time to developing the question. But it’s the question that piques people’s interest. Being told an answer doesn’t do anything for you. When you plan a lesson, start with the information you want students to know by its end.  As a next step, consider what the key question for that lesson might be and how you can frame that question so it will have the right level of difficulty to engage your students.

In “Why Don’t Students Like School”, Daniel Willingham


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