O desafio Toffler na Educação

The way organizations make use of time, space and knowledge is being transformed as the time required to accumulate wealth and accomplish other objectives shortens, as geographic limitations on trade and other aspects of operations fade and as information becomes available instantly in nearly unlimited amounts.

Changes in the ways organizations leverage time, space and knowledge, however, are leading to desynchronization. A concept pioneered by Alvin Toffler, the theory of desynchronization suggests that different segments of society move at varying rates of change and that organizations must appreciate this fact. If we imagine, for instance, that technology is moving at 100 mph, but business only at 80 mph, government at 40 mph and education at 20 mph, we can see how this causes organizational performance to suffer. In this picture, education lags behind business and therefore produces the kind of employees businesses needed 15 or 20 years prior, not the employees they need now and, more importantly, in the future.

In “The Adaptive Organization: Fostering Change in Five Areas


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