13 ideias radicais para salvar a Educação

1.  Build new centers for preschoolers, infants, and toddlers, with three teachers per classroom;
2.  Write from scratch standardized tests for all the subject areas and grade levels;
3.  Focus on the arts, music and visual arts and dance;
4.  Give parents time off for parent-teacher conferences;
5.  Attract the best teachers for two programs. One would be a Saturday academic program for struggling students;
6.  Establish urban think tanks for teachers, a dedicated space to think about public education and how to change it;
7.  Main focus from schools should be looking at the kids and parents as the customers they’re serving;
8.  More attention on each child and more differentiated instruction;
9.  Keep schools open for instructional services – before and after-school programs, recreational activities – for both kids and their families;
10. Improve coordination among different education services;
11. Every student meets daily with a tutor;
12. Make sure that we have updated textbooks in the classrooms, supplies for labs, and instruments for music;
13. Build a better classroom.
In “How to Spend $100 Million to Really Save Education”, Fast Company

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