O que um professor não deve fazer

I have administered standardized tests to hundreds students, instilling them with fear that they must perform well in order to prove their own worth and intelligence.

I have imposed reward systems in classrooms of children, replacing the intrinsic joys of learning with points, plastic prizes, shiny pencils, and attention. In addition I have set up systems in which only “good” children would ever meet their goals, while those who needed support and attention were left to feel more and more defeated.

I have drilled seven and eight year olds with math facts and spelling words, trying my best to “make them learn”, leaving little or no time for them to explore the world around them or delve into their own interests.

I have assigned hours of homework, forcing children to continue their school day even after returning to the safety of home.

I have upheld curriculum guidelines and adult imposed school rules, never allowing children to be responsible for their own educations, let alone their own actions.

I have sat with parents, assuring them that their children were doing just fine, when a part of me, deep down, knew that this just wasn’t working.

In “Forgive Me Children, For I Have Sinned”, Jen Schwartz



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