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Todos somos tanto professores como alunos – vídeo

1 Julho, 2012

Os mitos da aprendizagem na Era Digital

20 Junho, 2012

MIT e Harvard lançam edX com cursos online gratuitos

6 Maio, 2012

51 Competências para ensinar online

23 Fevereiro, 2012

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A educação híbrida é a transição para a educação do futuro

2 Fevereiro, 2012

The transition by which a new technology transforms the old, or takes it away, is a process, not an event, so almost always you have a hybrid in the middle just like the transition to electronic cars. It’s not unusual…
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Em 2014, nos Estados Unidos, mais de metade dos estudantes universitários terão aulas online

10 Janeiro, 2012

And just how high will the number of online enrollment rise? In 2004, the number of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one distance learning course was 2.96 million, or roughly 15.5% of the total number of students enrolled in college courses. In 2008, that number rose to 4.28 million, roughly 20.4%. As of fall of 2010, there are now 6.14 million students enrolled, constituting 31.3% of the student body.  If the number indeed rises to 14 million by 2014 as experts suggest, more than half of all college students will then be enrolled in at least one online class.
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O papel dos pais

27 Dezembro, 2011

Biblioteca de recursos para eLearning

3 Setembro, 2011

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Como proteger os direitos de propriedade intelectual na internet?

20 Agosto, 2011

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eLearning para a Indústria

27 Julho, 2011

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