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Sistema de gestão da formação profissional – NP 4512:2012

22 Agosto, 2012

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130 boas práticas de escolas portuguesas

16 Agosto, 2012

Ciclo de Aprendizagem Experiencial simplificado

30 Abril, 2012

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O Quadro Europeu de Competências Digitais

22 Julho, 2011

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Qualidade na educação e formação profissional

29 Junho, 2011

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O papel do “Professor Especial” nas escolas da Finlândia

6 Junho, 2011

A particular feature of the Finnish system is the “special teacher”. This is a specially trained teacher assigned to each school whose role is to work with class teachers to identify students needing extra help, and then work individually or in small groups with these students to provide the support they need to keep up with their classmates.

Finland’s society is relatively homogeneous. Out of a population of 5.3 million, only 3.8% are foreign-born, against an OECD average of 12.9%. Finland spends 5.9% of its gross domestic product on education, slightly above the OECD average of 5.2%.

– Finland recruits its teachers from the top 10% of graduates. From primary through to upper secondary level, all teachers are required to have a Master’s degree.

– Finnish teachers spend 592 hours per year teaching in class, less than the OECD average of 703 hours. This allows more time for supporting students with learning difficulties.

– At least two out of five Finnish school students benefit from some type of special intervention during their secondary schooling.

In “Finland – Maintaining a strongly supportive school system in which teachers and students share responsibility for results

Vídeo sobre a educação na Finlândia

Programa internacional de avaliação de competências de adultos (PIAAC)

12 Maio, 2011

Os princípios das Escolas A+ de Oklahoma

11 Maio, 2011

A+ Schools cultivates a discerning and dynamic process to prepare our learners for their futures.”

As boas práticas são práticas do passado

18 Fevereiro, 2011

In “Social Experiential Learning”, Teemu Arina

Uma “escola verde” de sonho – vídeo

19 Dezembro, 2010